Monday 16 March 2020


India has done pretty well so far in its fight to contain the Novel Corona Virus.
Now we are in Stage 3 - in which Virus spreads through social contacts & in social gatherings.
This is the most critical stage and in this stage the number of confirmed cases spread exponentially everyday like what happened in Italy between the last week of February & second week of March - From 300 to 10,000.
If India is not able to manage this stage for next 3 to 4 weeks then we will be in serious trouble and could be looking at confirmed cases in Lakhs, not thousands.
This next one month is extremely crucial.
 That's the reason why most events & public gatherings have been cancelled till the 15th of April.
Just because schools are closed doesn't mean we succumb to that compulsive travel bug.
Holidays will come next year too.
Don't push your luck with Corona virus especially where children are concerned.
Marriages, Birthday parties etc can wait.
Also, the feeling of invisibility that nothing will happen to me is pretty dangerous.....
The next 30 days will be most crucial in the medical History of India.
Follow necessary precautions at home and while outside for important work. Precaution does not mean panic.
Be a responsible citizen by following & educating others to remain careful for next one month or so.

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